_Celeste_ (blazinthrough99) wrote in yours_mine_ours,

Name:  Celeste

Location: Rochester, Michigan!

Gender: Female

How many LJ journals do you have? 2

Do you run any LJ communites? Nope!!
Name 5 LJ people who...

You consider to be good friends: christi313, locked_up4now,kissed_by_fire, serchn4sanctity

Make you smile: _ha_ha_,_words_unsaid_,christi313,kissed_by_fire, locked_up4now,

You have met face to face: wildatheart_, _words_unsaid_, _ha_ha_, proof_of_a_pyro, serchn4sanctity,

You want to meet: babigurl_kia55,thelastkiss__, xo_pretty_eyes,ally_martin,_ your_eyes_lied

You know that has kids: n/a

Reminds you of yourself: onlyxhonesty,kissed_by_fire,christi313,piecesofme726,serchn4sanctity,

Which 5 LJ users would you choose to have with you if you were stranded on an island and why: serchn4sanctity: because I love Cherry and she would be someone I could always talk to!! :)
kissed_by_fire: Because she's my best friend!! haha! And it'd be funnnn!
christi313: Becuase she can keep me normal, and I talk to her about everything, and we're so similar!!! :-)
_ha_ha_: Her additude's the best any1 has!! she's always happy, and fun...and smiling, and wouldn't make you feel bad ever!! And it'd always be fun to be with her!!!! :-)
piecesofme726: Katie is funnyyy...and loud and would always be there to make sure every1 has a good time!

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