chanwi99 (chanwi99) wrote in yours_mine_ours,

Name:  Christiane     

Location: Germany :-(

Gender: female

How many LJ journals do you have? many, but i use just this one and my writing one...

Do you run any LJ communites? no

Name 5 LJ people who... I don't know enough for that so I'll stick with as many as possible

    You consider to be good friends:specs_olga, ,moonysshadow

    Make you smile:
archvile_, false_report,t0rp3d0, tyrnuffel
    You have met face to face: specs_olga

    You want to meet: archvile_, moonysshadow

    You know that has kids: ozental

    Reminds you of yourself:
specs_olga, ,moonysshadow

    Which 5 LJ users would you choose to have with you if you were stranded on an island and why?
                   specs_olga - cause she's fun and I think I could talk with her about anything...
                   t0rp3d0 - cause she's fun too
                   moonysshadow - another real good friend
                   archvile_ - well .... ;-P
                   tyrnuffel - whom I've also known forever... (almost)


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