Lady Millay (ladymillay) wrote in yours_mine_ours,
Lady Millay


Name: Harriet

Location: Australia

Gender: Female

How many LJ journals do you have? Just this one

Do you run any LJ communites? No.

Name 5 LJ people who... (sorry, cannot think of five each)

You consider to be good friends: airbombs, umbreons_shadow

Make you smile: drjon

You have met face to face: divabat,

You want to meet:
airbombs, umbreons_shadow

You know that has kids: no one that I can remember

Reminds you of yourself: marije

Which 5 LJ users would you choose to have with you if you were stranded on an island and why? airbombs- she's the most awesome person in the world

This is it? That's all I say? Oh okay then.

P.S. I'm awesome.
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